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Reasons Not to Do Nanowrimo

Nanowrimo Writing Group

Warning: We’re about three weeks away from the annual writing festival known as Nanowrimo. Nanowrimo has begun to feel… Dare I say it? Compulsory. And failure to participate can feel like, well, failure. What if you want out? Are people going to think you’re weird? I love Nanowrimo, but it certainly isn’t for everyone. Nor is …

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Cell Phones and the Great Power Shift

Cell phones

This is going to be one of those posts where I try to unpack a thought experiment I’ve got going this week. There might be rambling, nonsense, and some tongue in cheek humor and sarcasm. If you don’t have the patience for that kind of thing, I understand. Anyway… The other day I had the …

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Literary Bluffing. Stop It!

Literary bluffing

Am I the only one who’s noticed that it has now become cooler to “have read” than “to read?” People are eager to jump in on conversations about books and articles that they haven’t read. Perhaps they saw a summary or a review, or heard about it on TV. Rather than actually read the piece …