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Crafting a Writing Emergency Plan

Writing Emergency

There is nothing more certain in life than the fact that at some point, the poop is going to hit the fan. There will be illness (yours or a loved one), death, accidents, natural disasters, financial crises, and all manner of other life-altering events. Often these all occur together because the universe likes to crap …

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Protect Your Creative Day

Creative Day

Whether you’re a writer, artist, or other creative-type person, it’s important that you protect your “creative day.” This is the part of your day when you get your creative work done. But it’s not only the time you need to protect. (That’s actually the easy part. Carving out some extra hours in the day is …

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Writing One Day at a Time

One Day

Like many people, I’m at a place in my life where things are confusing and often overwhelming. I’m caring for aging relatives and worrying about their health, finances, legal issues, and long term care. More and more often, I’m venturing into topics I know nothing about and making decisions I don’t feel prepared to make. …

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What I Plan to Do Over Summer “Vacation”

Summer vacation

I was such a weird kid. In cleaning out some old papers found at my parents house, I discovered my old summer schedules. Yes, the one time of year when I had time to do as I pleased, I scheduled it. Like I said. Weird. Anyway, what amuses me now is how I thought I …

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Why I’m a Planner


Since my earlier post this week was about my writing calendar, I thought I’d just make a week of it and post this ode to planning. People make fun of me because I’m a planner. They like to laugh over my detailed calendar and extensive to do lists. I like to make sure that nothing …