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Creativity: Let’s Talk About What That Means


An “incident” this week got me all worked up about creativity and what the heck we are (or are not) teaching our kids and ourselves about it. Before I go into details, here’s the definition of creativity from the Oxford dictionary. n. The use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness. Keep that …

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Overwhelmed? Start With One Thing.


Before I hit my groove as a freelancer and novelist, I wasted a lot of years cowering under the table, completely overwhelmed by the idea of working for myself. I was scared of marketing and accounting, hampered by the fact that I knew nothing about either. Lengthy novels seemed like a marathon I’d never finish. …

Creativity Boosting & Inspiration

You Can’t Buy Creativity In a Kit


I was wandering the toy aisle in Target the other day and I was dismayed at most of what I saw there. There were three main types of toys that stood out to me: Electronic everything, TV/movie tie-ins, and what I call “creativity in a kit.” The latter are things like Lego models, coloring “systems” …