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The Joy of Having Less Time

Less Time

What’s the one thing we as humans always wish for more of? (Other than money.) Time. Everyone is always complaining about how they just need more time in the day/week/month. Just a couple more hours could make all the difference! Sometimes that’s true. And sometimes you can actually make a little more time by giving …

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When You Can’t Write This, Write That

write this

I’m not a big believer in writer’s block. Generally I don’t think that people get into situations where they can’t write at all. Which is what writer’s block is: “The condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing.” If you can’t write at all, I think it’s …

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Research First, or As You Go Along?

Researching books

Whether you write non-fiction or fiction, research is (or it had better be) a part of your process. Even if you’re “writing what you know,” you still need to supplement your knowledge with that of others. (Unless you are the foremost expert in your field, then I guess you can go ahead without any research.) …

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Solve the Problem, Beat the Block


I once wrote an article on why writer’s block is a myth. Several readers took me to the woodshed on that one, vehemently defending the existence of this “disease.” For the record, I still think writer’s block is a myth that many writers use to put off or avoid writing. (I’m stubborn that way. Go …

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Stop Putting Off the Good Stuff


Sometimes, I am a ridiculous human being. One of the things that I struggle with the most is putting the “good stuff” off until later. I behave like this with pretty much everything, from not using the good china to not watching the DVD of a movie I really want to see. It’s like I …