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Future-Proofing Your Author Platform

Future-proofing platform

I just went through the process of changing my Twitter handle. (I’ve changed from @BluEyedReindeer to @JDerrickAuthor.) It was time for a more professional username. Twitter was the one social media site where I was active before I started building my platform so, since it was all personal at the time, I chose a fun …

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Sometimes Rejection Is Your Fault


Yesterday’s post was about how rejection isn’t always your fault. Sometimes you get rejected for reasons that have nothing to do with you or the work you’re submitting. That’s a comforting thought because it may mean that your work is actually good. However, it’s also possible that the rejection was entirely your fault. (Harsh, but …

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Mistakes and Misbehavior That Can Kill Your Writing Career


When you’re a writer, you depend on other people for most of your work. You need clients, editors, agents and other industry professionals to trust you, value your work and recommend you to others. Without people who like you and want to help you, you’re dead in the water. That’s why you never want to …