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It’s The Writing That’s Important, Stupid!

Writing is more important than other things

One of the biggest challenges I’m facing as a published author is actually writing. It sounds stupid, I know. You think that once you’re published, some of the stress is off your back and writing becomes freer and easier, not more constricted. I’ve found the opposite to be true. Publication brings a whole new set …

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Publication Changes Nothing


It’s funny how, once I got my book contract, all of my friends and fellow writers suddenly seemed to think that I had it made. I’d achieved the Holy Grail of writing and now everything in my life must be perfect. It was as if I’d been kissed by some god and was now in …

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The Positives of Rejection


Rejection stinks. Whether it’s your fault or beyond your control, it hurts. Nobody likes getting that email that says, “Sorry, but your dreams of publication are going to have to wait because we’re not taking this project.” However, there are some positive aspects to rejection. Once you get past the hurt, you may be able …

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6 Lies I Tell Myself During the Submission Process


Now that I’ve got another novel out on submission to agents and editors, I’m back to chuckling at the lies I keep telling myself. I find it funny because I don’t tell myself these lies at any other time, or for any other reason. Every couple of years, though, like some deranged migratory bird, I …