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The Joy of Serendipity

While out shopping this holiday season, I had a rare opportunity to appreciate a long forgotten concept: Serendipity. The simple joy of discovering something new and unexpected. I was rushing around, picking up things I’d bought online, running errands, and grabbing gifts I’d already researched when I found myself stranded near a bookstore. I had …

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Do’s and Don’ts for Creating Positive Buzz

Buzz Bee

I recently participated in the weekly #boardgamehour chat on Twitter. One of the questions was, “What tips would you give to a publisher who wants to build buzz around their game?” This question fascinated me because there are many parallels between board game publishing and book publishing. The most obvious is that both industries rely …

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eARCS of Avenging Fate Coming Soon

Avenging Fate

Good news! I should be receiving eARCS of Avenging Fate soon. If you are a book blogger/reviewer who is interested in obtaining a review copy (digital only), please fill out this form so I can add you to my list. Copies will be sent as soon as I have them. I also have digital review …

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50 Ways to Promote Your Writing


Whether your write books, articles, or keep a blog, if you want to make money you have to promote your work. Even if you are traditionally published, you’ll likely have to handle at least some of your own promotion. Publishers are cutting marketing departments/budgets and placing more responsibility on the authors themselves. (Unless you’re hugely …