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The Long Resolution

Study resolution

I’m not normally a big fan of making a New Year’s resolution (obviously, if it’s almost March and I’m just now getting around to writing about the topic). I believe in fixing things as they need fixing, not waiting for some magical date on the calendar. (Although, if I were to pick a date it would be …

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“I’m Bored.” Stop Whining and Find Something to Do.


I’m amazed by the number of my fellow adults that are bored. I hear it all the time. “I’m so bored. There’s nothing to do.” They whine this refrain like it’s someone else’s job to entertain them or, worse, like boredom is something to be proud of. They use it justify hours spent watching TV, …

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30 New Year’s Resolutions for Writers

New Year

It’s almost that time again. Time to resolve to get your entire life under control, preferably by February first. Yes, it’s time for the dreaded New Year’s resolution. This year, instead of trying to lose weight, quit smoking, save money, or give up some other addiction, why not resolve to improve a part (or parts) …