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The Joy of Having Less Time

Less Time

What’s the one thing we as humans always wish for more of? (Other than money.) Time. Everyone is always complaining about how they just need more time in the day/week/month. Just a couple more hours could make all the difference! Sometimes that’s true. And sometimes you can actually make a little more time by giving …

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Reasons Not to Do Nanowrimo

Nanowrimo Writing Group

Warning: We’re about three weeks away from the annual writing festival known as Nanowrimo. Nanowrimo has begun to feel… Dare I say it? Compulsory. And failure to participate can feel like, well, failure. What if you want out? Are people going to think you’re weird? I love Nanowrimo, but it certainly isn’t for everyone. Nor is …

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Capturing Sneaky Ideas


Ideas are funny beasts. It always seems like they’re all around you until you really need one. The more they’re needed, the more likely they are to hide. Ideas are also sneaky little creatures. They seem to get a thrill out of hitting you when you’re least expecting them, or when you are unprepared to …

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Library Haul & Reading List 10/07/16

What a crazy week. At first it looked like we were going to get hammered by Hurricane Matthew so I spent time checking supplies and making plans. Turns out we’re going to be spared the worst of it, but spare a thought for those who aren’t so lucky. (If you’re in the path of that …