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Crab Mentality and Writers

Crab Mentality

Long ago, when I studied psychology in school, we learned about behavior called “Crab Mentality.” The gist is this: A bunch of crabs are in a bucket, trap, or stew pot. They could easily escape by working together (and every now and then one manages it, even without help). They’re pretty smart and agile and have …

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Do You Choose to Be Blind?

Blind Sign

I’m always amazed when, in real life conversations or article comment trails concerning just about any success-related topic, someone inevitably says, “[Insert behavior that isn’t the norm] will never work for me. It simply cannot be done.” Either that or they quickly dismiss someone else’s success as the product of luck, incredible timing that can …

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Do You Have to Have Talent to Succeed?

Drawing Talent

I see many people give up on careers and activities that they love (or might love) because they don’t believe they have enough talent to succeed. Whether it’s writing, acting, the arts, athletics, or even something more practical like computer programming or teaching, they just don’t feel like they have that magical ability that will …

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Beware the “One Way”

One Way

When I first started writing, I devoured just about every “how to” book and article I could get my hands on. (This was before blogs really came of age, or I’m sure I would have devoured my share of those, too.) Many were excellent, some were good, and some (I now know) were just bad. …

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Slaying the Green-Eyed Monster

Overcoming Jealousy

You’re great friends with all of the people in your writer’s group, or that aspiring writer you met at the bookstore has become your best friend. You get together weekly to trade feedback and gripe about the world of publishing. It’s great because you’re all chasing the same goal. And then one day it happens: …