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Summer Vacation Plans: 2018 Edition!

Summer Vacation

Last year I did a post about what I planned to do over my “summer vacation.” Turns out, it was a pretty great way to keep myself on track during a season that trends toward sloth. Of course, as a working adult summer isn’t really about vacation. I still tend to think of it as …

Fun & Humor

What I Plan to Do Over Summer “Vacation”

Summer vacation

I was such a weird kid. In cleaning out some old papers found at my parents house, I discovered my old summer schedules. Yes, the one time of year when I had time to do as I pleased, I scheduled it. Like I said. Weird. Anyway, what amuses me now is how I thought I …

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Library Haul and Reading List 6/26/15

Books 6/26/15

The heat wave is in full effect and there’s not much else to do but curl up inside close to an AC vent and chill out with a good book. It’s too hot to even go to the beach. No matter. A summer read is a summer read, no matter where you read it. This …

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My Current Novel Is Doomed


I was talking with one of my beta readers the other day and I mentioned that I’d started sending out my queries to agents. “You’re doomed,” was his reply. Well, gee, that’s constructive, I thought. Way to believe in my project. So I asked. “Why am I doomed. You liked the book, didn’t you?” “Yeah, …