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Dinosaurs and the Evolution of Your Writing Career


I recently finished reading The Rise and Fall of The Dinosaurs: A New History of a Lost World, by Stephen Brusatte. In reading the book, the thing that struck me again and again (aside from how cool dinosaurs were) was just how old the Earth really is. It operates on a timeframe that is far, …

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Time: The Thing You Need Most to Succeed (But Which No One Gives You)


Here’s a dirty little secret about publishing, whether you choose traditional, indie, or self-publishing: You need time in order to become successful. There, I said it. No matter how much people want to believe in the “overnight” success model, the truth is that you’re more likely to be hit by lightning. Even the books we …

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Watch Your Technology Chronology!


I just finished an interesting book called Marlena. It was a good story about a woman in her 30’s who looks back on events of her fifteenth year. It’s typical coming of age stuff: Girl meets friend who’s on a different level socially, they become best friends in spite of the differences, girl experiments with a …

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Optimizing the Crap Out of Time

Optimize the problem

It’s no secret that I was an odd kid. What’s funny is that sometimes I forget just how odd I was (and still am). In the process of cleaning out some old papers this week, I was reminded of just how odd I could be. Inside a folder was a bunch of schedules. Not just …

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Your Hectic Life Is Your Fault

Hectic schedule

One of the most common complaints I hear from people who are trying to improve their lives and do meaningful and important things is that they don’t have enough time. Life is too hectic. The thing is, in most cases this is just an excuse. Most people have plenty of time. What many people mean …