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“I’m Bored.” Stop Whining and Find Something to Do.


I’m amazed by the number of my fellow adults that are bored. I hear it all the time. “I’m so bored. There’s nothing to do.” They whine this refrain like it’s someone else’s job to entertain them or, worse, like boredom is something to be proud of. They use it justify hours spent watching TV, …

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Getting Controversial: Good Idea or Not?

Controversial fight

Today I want to expand on something that I’ve touched on in prior posts and which is a hot-button issue given the current political climate: The issue of authors using their platforms to discuss controversial subjects. I’ve seen many authors posting political rants and opinions (on both sides) on their blogs and social media. It …

Marketing & Platform Building, Using & Surviving Social Media

What To Do When You Are Utterly Sick of Yourself

Sick of yourself

Last week, I posted about how this year I was going to get back to basics and write more, market/promote less. Part of that resolution stems from frustration at having so little time to write anymore (and how pointless constant marketing seems in the grand scheme of things), and some of it stems from a …

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Keep Your Library Alive


Once again, noise is being made in my community about closing certain library branches. This happened a few years ago and at that time, it was my “home” branch that they wanted to close. This time it isn’t my branch, but others. Regardless of which branch it is, the closure (or potential closure) of a …

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What to Do Instead of Writing for Content Mills

Paper and Pen

In response to my piece on shunning the content mills, someone asked this question: “Well, what do I do to break in if I don’t write for those places?” This question taps into a huge misconception: That content mills are the only path to becoming a known and valued writer. This is simply not true. …