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Dinosaurs and the Evolution of Your Writing Career


I recently finished reading The Rise and Fall of The Dinosaurs: A New History of a Lost World, by Stephen Brusatte. In reading the book, the thing that struck me again and again (aside from how cool dinosaurs were) was just how old the Earth really is. It operates on a timeframe that is far, …

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What Type of Writing Career Do You Want?

Writing Career

Many times we writers have a hard time seeing beyond the current piece or job we’re working on. Partly this is because the work can sometimes be all consuming. It’s difficult to remove yourself from one thing to to think about the next. And there’s that pesky thing called “life” that sometimes keeps you from …

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So, You Want to Be a Writer


People often ask me, “How do I become a writer? What education do I need? How do I get experience?” My answer is always this: There are many paths to a writing career and no one way will work for everyone. My own path was circuitous, built around regular jobs, a gradual transition to freelance …