Library Haul and Reading List 4/24/15

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Library Stack 4/24/15

This week’s list is pretty darn random.” Space exploration, romance, YA, computer how-to, and pirates are all represented. These sorts of lists are what make people wonder if there’s anything I won’t read. The answer is, “No. I’ll give almost anything a shot.”

  • Empire of Night, by Kelley Armstrong. I discovered Armstrong just last year and quickly plowed through everything she’s written. This is the second in a new YA series. Since I really enjoyed the first, I’m excited for this one. I’ve heard the ending is a serious cliffhanger, so I’m sure I’ll hate having to wait for the next installment.
  • The Liar, by Nora Roberts. I used to love Nora Roberts, but I’m beginning to suspect that I’ve outgrown her stories a bit. The twenty-something heroines sort of bore me. Plus, it feels like Roberts is just retreading the same ground over and over again lately. Her books used to be an insta-buy for me but I’ve stopped that, choosing to save my money for other authors. But, since the library is free, I’ll give her latest a shot.
  • Pirate Latitudes, by Michael Crichton. I was a big fan of Crichton’s work, but I’ve hesitated to read this one since it hasn’t gotten favorable reviews. It was published after his death and there was some accusation that it wasn’t “finished” and that his heirs just published it as a cash grab. Since I love a rollicking pirate tale, I’ll give it a shot and see for myself.
  • Space Chronicles, by Neil DeGrasse Tyson. I’m a space junkie and hated to see the U.S. space program essentially get the ax a few years ago. Tyson makes the case as to why we need to keep exploring. Since I’m in full agreement that it was the wrong decision to disband our program, I’m interested to see how he tackles the subject.
  • Twitter for Dummies, by Laura Fitton. Another in my quest to get beyond the dummy stage of learning social media. This one is a bit late since I’ve pretty much gotten the hang of Twitter, but it took a while to come in since it had to be ordered in from another library. I’ll skim it to see if there’s anything useful, though.


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