Library Haul and Reading List 9/4/15

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Library Haul and Reading List 9/4/15

The summer is winding down and everyone’s heading back to school. This is my favorite time of year. More so than New Year’s, back to school season always feels like a time to start fresh. I get my new 16-month planner and start filling it up for the coming year. This year’s going to be busy, so I only hope I have time to keep reading!

In other news, I’ve been told that I read too much by a medical professional. (In other words, someone other than my teachers, parents, and others I’ve ignored over the years in favor of books has agreed that I read too much.) My ophthalmologist informed me that much of the dry eye problem that I’ve been experiencing can be attributed to reading for long stretches. Even though I read mostly on paper or e-ink devices instead of on computer screens, I’m still not blinking enough, apparently. Must. Blink. More.

  • Antigoddess, by Kendare Blake. This is the first book in The Goddess War trilogy. I checked it out because, much like my own book, Broken Fate, it’s a different spin on the Greek myths. In this case, the main character is Athena and she’s seeking to discover why the old gods are dying horrific deaths. She embarks on a journey with Hermes to discover the cause and discovers a conspiracy that will trigger a war among the gods.
  • Mortal Gods, by Kendare Blake. This book is the sequel to Mortal Gods. The third book in the series, Ungodly, is coming later this month and is already in my hold queue at the library. I checked this one out so I’d be all caught up.
  • A Window Opens, by Elisabeth Egan. Breaking away from my beloved YA, I checked out this tale of a working mother who is also caring for her aged father and dealing with her husband’s career crisis. She takes a job at a hip start-up and things look great, until everything goes sideways. A fun take on the “have it all” fairy tale.


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