Library Haul and Reading List 9/11/15

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This week is all YA goodness with a little bit of fantasy, a little bit of realism, and a little bit of creepy horror. Sadly, it also marks the end of my beloved Discworld series as The Shepherd’s Crown is the last novel by the late Terry Pratchett. At least I can read them all again if I need to get away from the real world and escape into Discworld for a while. That’s the cool thing about books. They’re always there, waiting for you to return.

  • Every Last Word, by Tamara Ireland Stone. This YA novel is the story of Samantha, a pretty, popular girl who suffers from OCD yet keeps it secret from her friends. When she meets and becomes friends with a less popular, quirky girl who introduces her to a group of other misfits, Samantha’s life begins to change. But, of course, her secrets catch up with her and threaten everything. I tend to enjoy novels like this, mostly because I was the “misfit” in school and I love to see my tribe portrayed as the “saviors.”
  • The Shepherd’s Crown, by Terry Pratchett. This is the last Discworld novel from the late Terry Pratchett and it’s the fifth in the YA Tiffany Aching series. (I covered the first four in my 3/29/15 post.) I’ll read this one with mixed emotions as I love the Discworld series, but I hate to come to the end, knowing that there will be no more.
  • Lair of Dreams, by Libba Bray. This is the second in Bray’s Diviners series. I enjoyed the first book, although it didn’t grab me as quickly as her Gemma Doyle trilogy. These books take place during the Jazz Age and center around a group of seers (the Diviners) who are trying to stop an evil force that’s wreaking havoc on the citizens of New York City.

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