Library Haul & Reading List 10/9/15

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Library Haul & Reading List 10/9/15

This week is a short list, and kind of random. I’ve got one memoir, one YA novel, and one adult novel. Random. In other news, this week was spent frantically revising Broken Fate. My editor sent it back to me with a scary amount of red on it, but it was all valuable feedback. I think I got more education from her than I ever did in any English class. The book is better for it. I’ve promised her that I will try to retain everything I learned and apply it to future books, but that’s only if my memory can survive the sugar and caffeine high that I had to induce to get through it all.

  • Six of Crows, by Leigh Bardugo. By the same author who wrote The Grisha Trilogy, this new book takes place in the same universe as those books, but gives us all new characters trying to pull off the heist of a lifetime. A YA Ocean’s Eleven set in Russia? Why not?
  • Yes, My Accent Is Real, by Kunal Nayyar. You might know the author as “Raj” from the Big Bang Theory. This is his memoir of growing up in India and London and then taking up acting. I’m always skeptical of memoirs by people who are so young and have only done one notable thing in their life, but I’m hopeful that Kunal is as funny on the page as he is on TV.
  • The Drafter, by Kim Harrison. I’ve never read any of Harrison’s many other books. They just didn’t sound appealing. This one is the start of new thriller series set in futuristic Detroit and dealing with a character who can alter time but cannot remember the history she rewrites. As I love anything dealing with altering or traveling through time, I’m curious.



3 thoughts on “Library Haul & Reading List 10/9/15

    1. Jennifer Derrick Post author

      Sadly, I’ve ended up disappointed by both of them. Six of Crows was just okay. I thought her earlier books were much better. This one just took too long to get going. And “Raj’s” book wasn’t as funny as I’d hoped. Oh, well. That’s the great thing about the library. I can take them back and get more!

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