Library Haul & Reading List 10/16/15

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This week’s list is populated by some old-favorite authors and some newcomers. I’ve got high hopes for these books and I hope I don’t end up disappointed. In other news, NaNoWriMo is coming and I’ve been trying to decide how best to use it this year. I really need to work on the sequels to Broken Fate, but I have a new idea that’s really pushing at me. I think I’d like to at least get a draft of that done before I forget all about it, but I really should give priority to the sequels. Hmmm. Maybe this becomes the first year I do a double NaNo?

  • Ungodly, by Kendare Blake. I mentioned the first two in this Greek mythology-based series in my 9/4/15 reading list. Those were good, solid tales and this is the last of the series. Hopefully it ends on a high note.
  • Devoted in Death, by J.D. Robb. I’ve stuck with this series since the beginning, although the last few have been mildly disappointing. I’m hopeful for this one, but I’ve already read enough to know that this is one of those books where you know the killers at the beginning, so the rest is just police procedural. That’s not usually my cup of tea as I prefer to guess the whodunit throughout the whole book.
  • Dumplin, by Julie Murphy. This is the tale of a fat girl who enters the local beauty pageant to prove the point that beauty is more than skin deep. This one’s getting a lot of hype and I hope it lives up to it because I fear that the storyline is a bit overused.
  • Let’s Be Less Stupid, by Patricia Marx. This memoir/self-help book details the author’s quest to shore up her failing mental faculties. I’ve actually already finished this one and it was very light on practical information, but it was funny. While I was hoping for more useful information, I was entertained.

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