Final NaNoWriMo Update

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Well, it’s all over and I managed to eke out a win, with a little over 24 hours to spare. I will now spend the month of December napping and cleaning up the wreckage that is my office. (And the rest of my house, frankly.) It was fun, frustrating and, ultimately, fulfilling. I feel like I finally made some good progress on my books. I may feel differently after I go back and reread it all, though…

Before I go on with the update, I want to give a huge congrats to everyone who won. Even if you didn’t win, congratulations on having the courage to try!

On to the update:


‘Nuff said.



Final Stats

Avenging Fate: 31,500

Idea that has no title but which will not leave my head: 19,300

Final total: 50,800. Just barely over the finish line, but finished just the same.


Happy Video of The Week

This will be me for the foreseeable future:



Final Thoughts

I came across this on Twitter the other day and it seemed to sum up the experience of NaNo and of being a writer, generally. Keep writing! (After you catch up on real life.)



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