A Video Tour of My Writing Spaces

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Writing Desk

People often ask me what my writing space is like. It’s pretty difficult to describe. It’s made up of necessary work stuff and things that make me smile and bring me joy. Rather than even try to describe it, I’ll just let you see where the magic happens.

One thing you’ll notice when you watch the video is that my writing space isn’t all that serious. I’ve got old Beanie Babies, Hot Wheels, and even Fisher Price figures on my desk. Why would a grown adult have these things? Because they make me smile. They remind me of simpler times. (Plus, they give me something to mess with when I’m thinking or talking on the phone.)

While I’m professional and efficient in my work, I don’t take life too seriously. I used to, but it stressed me out. Now I play more, relax more, and just try to let more stuff roll off my back rather than letting it get to me. My desk is a reflection of that. It’s organized for work, but there’s nothing serious or stressful about it.


(Photo courtesy of DariuszSankowski)

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