Library Haul & Reading List 05/13/16

Library Haul & Reading List 05/13/16

The big news this week is that the sequel to Broken Fate (currently titled Avenging Fate, but that may yet change) is going to be handed over to my publisher any minute now. That will be followed by a face plant, a long nap, and then work will begin on book three.

In other news, don’t forget that I’ll be hosting a featured author event on Goodreads next Thursday, May 19th. It’s an all day event, so feel free to pop in and ask questions or participate in the discussion at any time.

  • City of the Lost, by Kelley Armstrong. This is the first in a new mystery/thriller/paranormal series from Armstrong, who is best known for her “Women of the Otherworld” series. She’s also written a couple of YA series’. I can’t think of anything she’s written that I didn’t enjoy. *Cue fangirl moment.* Needless to say, I’m very hopeful for this one.
  • Game of Crowns, by Christopher Andersen. I’m a huge Anglophile with an interest in the royal family. I suspect that this book, which looks at the three main female players on the monarchy’s current stage, is more tabloid trash than a serious look at the monarchy, but it should be good for some light entertainment.

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