Library Haul & Reading List 07/15/16

Library Haul & Reading List 07/15/15

Well, it looks like my Threads of the Moirae series may run to four books instead of stopping at three like I originally thought it would. It’s not official yet, but as I’m working on book three, it looks like there is too much material for one book. My publisher has given approval for another book if necessary, so we’ll see how it pans out.

Don’t forget that I’m running a new giveaway until July 20th, 2016! You have a chance to win a three-book eBook bundle that contains Broken Fate, as well as two other fine books by Clean Teen Publishing authors! (Fruit of Misfortune, by Nely Cab and Shattered Memories, by Susan Harris.) Full details are on my giveaway page. Good luck!

  • Belgravia, by Julian Fellowes. When I saw that the creator of Downton Abbey authored this novel, it was a must request for me. This one is set in 1840’s London and centers around a deep family secret. Like Downton, there are class divisions, romance, and intrigue. Whether it can hold a candle to my beloved Abbey, however, remains to be seen.
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, by J.K. Rowling. Continuing my re-read of the Harry Potter series and now I’m into the “big” novels. This is the one that introduces us to the wider wizarding world and we learn that there are more schools like Hogwarts out there. Which might increase my chances of an acceptance somewhere…



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