Library Haul & Reading List 12/02/16

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Reading List

There isn’t much to report this week. I’m simply trying to get back into the swing of things after Thanksgiving, while ramping up the preparations for Christmas. I really enjoy holidays, but sometimes they seem to require more time to recover from than they did to enjoy. And now I realize that makes me sound like the Grinch or something…

Meanwhile, the good books continue to roll in from the library, pushing me to read ever faster. And a new dangerous shop has opened in town… A used book store. We don’t have a book store of any sort in this town, so this is big and exciting news. Now I’ll have somewhere else to hide out when avoiding my work, and to buy books to consume all of my free time! Awesome! (Really, it’s awesome.)

The Reading List

Victoria, by Daisy Goodwin. I have high hopes for this historical novel. I’ve always been fascinated by Queen Victoria. This book is by the same writer who wrote for the PBS series of the same name, which I enjoyed, so I have high expectations.

Catalyst, by James Luceno. This book is the lead-in to the next Star Wars Movie, Rogue One, which comes out later this month. Because it’s Star Wars, I’m giving it a read, even though most of the books in the new canon (published after Disney purchased the rights to Star Wars) haven’t been that enjoyable to me. Maybe I’m just too invested in the old canon to fully appreciate the new work.


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