Library Haul & Reading List 12/16/16

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Library Haul & Reading List 12/16/16

I’ve just about finished my Christmas shopping (or my Christmas “clicking,”) as I like to call it since I refuse to put foot into a store unless I have to. Other than that, I’m holiday ready! Now it’s time to binge out on all my favorite holiday books and movies, relax, and get ready for the coming year. That is, if I can get the library to slow down on getting in awesome books so I have time to reread my old favorites! I love how all the books, like movies, release either in the summer or at the holidays. Makes it hard to keep up sometimes, and other times I’m twiddling my thumbs.

The Reading List

Island of Glass, by Nora Roberts. This is the final book in Robert’s Guardians trilogy. I’ve enjoyed this series, despite feeling that it shares an awful lot with her “Circle” Trilogy. (But since I really enjoyed that one, it’s not a big problem.) Still, Roberts usually crafts a speedy, entertaining tale, so I’m on board for the ending.

Otherworld Chills, by Kelley Armstrong. This book marks the end of Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld series. Chills is a collection of short fiction and novellas covering most of the major characters from the series. Some pieces are new and others were published in prior collections.

Library Haul & Reading List 12/16/16

The Brain Warrior’s Way, by Daniel Amen. Books on brain health fascinate me. My opinion is that, without a healthy brain, so much else of what I want to do in life won’t be possible, so I want to keep my brain healthy and fully functional as long as possible. Plus, aging is already starting to play havoc with my memory and I’m not what many consider old. (It happens earlier than you think, people.) Since most of Amen’s books come down to dietary changes (most of which I’ve already made), I don’t expect to learn a whole lot that he hasn’t covered elsewhere, but if there’s a nugget in there that I haven’t seen before, it’ll be worth it.

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