Library Haul & Reading List 02/10/17

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Library Haul & Reading List 02/10/17

The big news this week is the book three is finished! Mostly. It still needs some editing, but since I edit and solicit beta reads as I go, I suspect I’ll have it in to my publisher by the end of the month. I still need to come up with a title, but that’s small potatoes at this point. It’s later than I wanted it to be, but life happens sometimes. On to book 4! (Actually, I’m going to devote most of my energy in the coming month or so to a new project. I’ve got an idea I really want to explore and I want a little break from mythology.)

As for my reading, I’m looking forward to having more time to sink into some good books for a while. The winter releases are rolling into the library and I’ve got a ton of books and ebooks to get through. Hooray!

Library Reading List

Geek Feminist Revolution, by Kameron Hurley. This essay collection explores feminism, geek culture, and the author’s experiences as a sci-fi/fantasy writer. If anything were ever written just for me, this might be it.

The Most Dangerous Place on Earth, by Lindsey Lee Johnson. This novel looks at the horrible lives of some privileged high school students in California. They’re stressed, pressured, and dealing with a world where everything is posted online. Plus, there’s a tragedy from middle school that haunts and shapes their lives. I don’t know if I’m going to like this one, as I usually don’t like books with unlikeable characters, but for some reason I feel compelled to try it.

Echoes in Death, by J.D. Robb. This is the 44th (!) installment in Robb’s In Death series featuring cop Eve Dallas and her husband Roarke. I love these books. They’re formulaic mysteries, but easy to digest comfort food. It’ll be a fast weekend read.

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