Weekly News Update & Reading List 02/24/17

Weekly News 02/24/17

The big news this week is that Book 3 of the Threads of the Moirae series is done and dusted. I’ve sent it off to Clean Teen Publishing and if there are no major revisions needed, I’ll soon have a publication date for you. Yay! Now I can relax for all of five minutes and clean up my desk before starting book four, as well as working on some other projects I have in the hopper.

In other news, I’m changing the name of these Friday posts from “Library Haul & Reading List” to “Weekly News Update & Reading List.” Since I usually begin with the news of the week, it seems more appropriate. (And yes, I’m slow and it really did take me this long to realize this. To be fair, though, I started these posts back before there was any news to share.)

The Reading List

Hit Makers : The Science of Popularity in an Age of Distraction, by Derek Thompson. This non-fiction book examines why certain things in popular culture catch on and become hits while others languish at the bottom of the pile. As someone who would dearly love her work to “hit,” I’m interested in what the author has to say.

The Edge of Everything, by Jeff Giles. This YA novel is getting all the buzz lately, so I had to check it out. It sounds like a twisted tale of love and revenge, tied up in a mystery/thriller/dystopian bow. I’m not sure whether it’s going to be awesome, or just a total mishmash that doesn’t work. Regardless of how the book turns out, I love what the publisher did with the edge of the book. The text along the edge of the pages is really cool.

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