Weekly News Update & Reading List 03/10/17

Weekly News Update & Reading List 03/10/17

The news this week is… Blissfully nothing. I’ve enjoyed a relaxing week recovering from finishing Hunted Fate. My only work (fiction-wise) has been making some notes on a new, non-Fate related book. I’ve also been cleaning off my desk from six months of work and paper piles (oh, the horror!). Besides that, I’ve been catching up on my reading and just generally enjoying the time off. I’m not even starting on my house painting project, yet, as it may snow this weekend and will certainly be cold, so I can’t open the windows to ventilate.

This weekend’s plans are to build some Lego creations, play some board games, read some books, and watch a lot of basketball!!!!

The Reading List

Heart of the Storm, by Michael Buckley. This is the final book in the Undertow series. I’ve enjoyed the others (lots of sea monsters, action, and dystopian world building), so I’m hopeful this one goes out with a bang.

Denton Little’s Death Date, by Lance Rubin. In this story, everyone knows their death date. Denton’s is approaching in two days and that’s quite a bummer, but he sets out to take care of some “firsts” and try to enjoy the end. But when some shady characters start showing up and issuing warnings, dying might not be so simple, after all. This book is billed as hilarious and I need some humor these days, so bring it on.

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