Weekly News Update and Reading List 03/17/17

St. Patricks Day News

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Wear your green or face the consequences!

The big news this week is that Broken Fate is finally, finally going to be an audiobook! This was talked about months ago, but life happens. My audiobook team has found an awesome narrator and now we’re ready to roll. The narrator’s name is Tyr Tharsis and you can listen to her audition as a teaser! I’m told it may be out sometime this summer or early fall. If you’ve been waiting, you won’t have to wait much longer! Huzzah!

As far as reading this week, I wasn’t able to get to the library (what with all the basketball, snow, basketball, and other life events), so I’ve been working on a couple of ebooks to free some space on my Kobo.

The Reading List

Denton Little’s Still Not Dead, by Lance Rubin. I read the first book in this series last week, so I might as well read the second while things are fresh in my mind. Denton missed his death-date and some big secrets were revealed at the end of the first book, so I’m happy to keep reading, if only for the gallows humor in these books.

Play Anything, by Ian Bogost. This non-fiction work is billed as a look at how to make life more playful and less boring/mundane. As a huge believer in the power of play, I’m intrigued. I’m pretty sure the author is going to use video games/gamification theory rather than my beloved board games, but I can live with that. The reviews, though, have me wondering if this book isn’t more of a scholarly critique of society and capitalism, veiled as a book about play. I guess I’ll see.

George Lucas: A Life, by Brian Jay Jones. If you want to learn about a creative mind, there’s not many better than George Lucas. I want to know what makes the man tick. Since Jones wrote a fabulous biography of Jim Henson that I really enjoyed, this book sounds like a winner.


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