Weekly News Update & Reading List: 05/19/17

Weekly News Update & Reading List: 05/19/17

This week’s news and reading list is more proof of life than anything else. I feel like I’ve been MIA from the blog and social media lately. And I’m definitely not making any progress on my writing projects right now. But I’m alive. Sort of.

I’m up to my elbows in paint. I work a little in the morning and then paint all afternoon and into the evening. I’m learning how to spackle, sand, patch a ceiling, and rewire light fixtures. If the writing thing doesn’t work out, I can become a house painter.

We’re over halfway through, now. I’ve been immersed in paint for so long, I smell it wherever I go. And my nails may never come clean. Still have about five weeks/weekends to go. But the house is looking good and it will all be worth it. (That’s what I keep telling myself.)  Just have to find the strength (and enough pain pills and Icy Hot) to keep going a while longer.

The Reading List

A Dog’s Way Home, by Bruce Cameron. This book is by the same author who wrote A Dog’s Purpose, which was recently made into a movie. This one’s about a dog who gets separated from her owner and finds her way home. I have a hard time reading books about dogs/animals. On the one hand I love them, but they also make me cry. Still haven’t watched the movie for his prior book because I know I’ll bawl like a baby.

Heat Storm, by Richard Castle. The TV show “Castle” may be dead, but evidently the books written by the fictitious author featured in the show live on. This one mirrors the storyline of Heat/Beckett’s mother who was missing/killed in the TV series and suddenly reappears. With secrets, of course. I wonder how many more of these books there will be, given that there’s no show to capitalize on them any longer?

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