Weekly News Update & Reading List 06/02/17

Weekly News Update & Reading List 06/02/17

The news this week is that the painting project is finally finished. And thanks to some serious butt-busting, we finished three weeks early. So now I can get back to my writing, my Lego, puzzles, movies and, yes, reading! Finally, I have my life back and can go back to living in my head instead of beating up my body with physical labor. It may be Christmas before everything stops hurting!

The break was good, though. I’m more excited about writing and other creative things than I have been in a long time. I’m excited to begin work on book four in the Threads of the Moirae series, as well as picking up the projects I shoved aside to paint. I can’t wait to get creative again!

The Reading List

Rebel Rising, by Beth Revis. This is a YA book that tells the story of Jen Orso (from the movie Star Wars: Rogue One). The novel tells her story before the events of the movie. How she came to live with Saw Gerrera, how he taught her to be a fighter, and how she fought alongside him and his soldiers for many years in battles against the Empire. As she grows up, she learns that everything isn’t as black and white as it seems to others. Eventually, of course, there’s a betrayal that leads to her estrangement from Saw that we see in the movie.

Party Girls Die in Pearls, by Plum Sykes. I don’t normally read Sykes’ books. They’re just not my cup of tea. This one, though, takes place at Oxford University in 1985, which isn’t that far removed from my time there. I’m really excited to revisit the Oxford of the past and of my youth and I just hope the story (a murder mystery among collegiate socialites and blue bloods) is good enough to keep my interest.

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