Weekly News Update & Reading List 06/14/17

Weekly News Update & Reading List 06/14/17

This week I’m up to my eyeballs in final edits for Hunted Fate. We’re running a little behind schedule, but the book will still be out on time (7/24/17). We may all just fall down in exhaustion when it’s finished!

Stay tuned because the giveaways and release parties will be starting soon and continuing through the summer. (Hint: one giveaway already slipped by unnoticed. Shame nobody won that ebook copy of Hunted Fate.)

The Reading List

I’ve got to pick up my reading speed again. I noticed today on GoodReads that I’m six books behind schedule for the 2017 reading challenge. Gotta pick up the pace and stop getting distracted by necessary things like home improvement, cooking, and cleaning. Seriously. What’s more important? Books, or real life?


Reading Meme


Come Sundown, by Nora Roberts. Roberts returns to Montana (I loved Montana Sky) in this romantic thriller about twisted family relations. Roberts is always a must check-out for me, so I hope this one will be good. Lately, her thrillers have been better than her series’ (except for the In Death series she writes as JD Robb). After stumbling for a few years, she seems to have recaptured her thriller mojo (or possibly fired some terrible ghostwriters?).

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