Weekly News Update & Reading List 06/30/17

Weekly News Update & Reading List 06/30/17

We’re crashing rapidly toward the release date for Hunted Fate, and there’s still so much to do! While the date for the release party hasn’t been set, yet, here are some important things to note:

Sign-ups are live for the book blitz. If you’re a book blogger, website owner, or just a kind soul who’d like to post some free content on social media, you can sign up on the Xpresso Tours site. I just turned in a whole bunch of goodies including images, blog posts, and excerpts that you can access if you sign up to be a stop on the tour. If you do sign up, let me know the date you intend to run the content and I’ll make a point to stop by and take questions from your readers.

Hunted Fate is also up for preorder on Amazon! Remember, Broken Fate is a free ebook, so you can start the series free of charge.

There will be giveaways leading up to the release, probably starting after the July 4 holiday. I’ve ordered some really cool swag and gifts, so stay tuned!

The Reading List

The Mentor, by Lee Matthew Goldberg. This one’s a thriller that takes place in the world of publishing, so it was an insta-checkout. An editor is asked to read his former mentor’s new book. It’s awful and, worse, it may be a criminal confession by a crazy man. So the chase begins.

Barbecue Lover’s the Carolinas: Restaurants, Markets, Recipes & Traditions, by Robert F. Moss. This was a book I checked out only because the librarian said, “If you check out three books, you get an entry into the summer reading sweepstakes.” Since I already had two books in hand, I grabbed this one off the nearest table. Turns out, it’s really interesting and now I’m planning my pilgrimage to hit as many of these places as possible. Yum!

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