Weekly News Update & Reading List 07/07/17

Weekly News Update & Reading List 07/07/17

Not much news this week. I caught my annual summer cold, so I’ve just been flopping around the house. Flop on the bed, flop on the couch, flop on the floor. Pretty much avoiding my desk and anything to do with work. I’m not so sick as to need a doctor, but sick enough to make everything miserable. Ugh. Perhaps next week will be better. I hope so because it’s summer! This should be a fun time. Save the diseased misery for January, please.

The Reading List

Big Chief Elizabeth, by Giles Milton. This one is for research. I’m thinking about a novel that somehow includes the Lost Colony and Virginia Dare, so I wanted to look a little deeper into the colonization of North America. Living in NC where the Lost Colony got lost, we’re fed a fairy tale version of this story in our history classes. What I’m learning (from this book and other sources) is that whole helluvalot gets left out. Colonization was actually way more interesting and backstabby than I thought.

Believe Me: A Memoir, by Eddie Izzard. I’m a huge fan of Izzard’s comedy, so when I saw he had a memoir coming out, I had to get it. Hopefully the book is a much of a scream as Izzard is on stage. I hear he wants to run for parliament at some point. That should be interesting.

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