Weekly News Update & Reading List 07/14/17

Weekly News Update & Reading List 07/14/17

The big news this week is that the release party for Hunted Fate is next Friday, July 21 at 7:00 ET on Facebook. Two other authors from Clean Teen Publishing are celebrating new releases, as well, so there will be plenty of prizes and fun. I’ll be there if you want to chat!

My prize list isn’t final, yet, but I do know there will be signed books and swag up for grabs. There will be other stuff, as well, depending on what I dig out of the prize closet. You can’t win if you don’t attend, though!

The other news this week is that recording on the audiobook of Broken Fate is complete, so we’re in the final production phase now. I don’t have a release date, yet, but I’ll update as soon as it becomes available! It sounds great!

The Reading List

But Seriously, by John McEnroe. With Wimbledon winding down, I thought it would be fun to read more about McEnroe’s life. His first book, You Cannot Be Serious, examined his youth and tennis career. I read that one a few years ago and thought, “Yeah, pretty much like most other tennis icons.” This new book looks at his life after tennis which sounds like a far more interesting topic. What do you do when you’ve achieved such heights? Where do you go after a successful “first act?” How do you reinvent yourself and find happiness as you move on from the thing that defined you? I suspect his take on “retirement” will be pretty funny.

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