Weekly News Update (Hunted Fate’s Release Party!) & Reading List 07/21/17

Weekly News Update & Reading List 07/21/17

Don’t forget that the release party for Hunted Fate is tonight, 7/21/17 at 7:00 on Facebook! I’ll be there, as will Amanda Strong, who’s celebrating Monsters Among Us, and ME Rhines, who’s celebrating the release of Sink. If you want to chat or have any questions, here’s your chance!

There will also be plenty of prizes and fun. I’ve got a sneak peek of my prize offerings. The swag packs include bookmarks, magnets, stickers, and collectible cards. Each swag pack also comes with another prize, namely signed books!

Release Party Prize Pack 1

Swag pack + Cats on Books socks.


Release Party Prize Pack 2

Swag pack + signed copy of Broken Fate.


Release Party Prize Pack 3

Swag pack + signed copies of Broken Fate & Avenging Fate


Release Party Prize Pack 4

Swag pack + signed copies of Broken Fate & Avenging Fate, plus an IOU for a signed copy of Hunted Fate when it releases in October.

The Reading List

Now I Rise, by Kiersten White. This is the sequel to And I Darken. Part fantasy and part historical fiction, this is the story of Dracula’s son and daughter after they’re cast out of Wallachia and their quest to regain the throne. Of course, things are complicated by the Ottomans, strange alliances, and wars over neighboring thrones. It’s like Game of Thrones for Dracula lovers.

Seven Stones to Rise and Fall, by Diana Gabaldon. This is a collection of short fiction from the author of the Outlander series. All of these stories tie into the Outlander universe in some way. I’m not normally a huge fan of short stories, but I need some way to kill time until she releases the ninth book in the series!

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