Weekly News Update & Reading List 09/01/17 – Harvey Help Edition

Weekly News Update & Reading List 09/01/17

As someone who’s lived through her share of hurricanes, I’m just floored by the damage Harvey has wrought. It’s unbearably sad. But, instead of simply saying “It’s sad,” I’m issuing a challenge for readers who, like me, are upset at the devastation wrought by Harvey:

Go to Goodreads or wherever you keep track of how many books you’ve read this year. Then donate $1 for every book you’ve read to the Red Cross, or Harvey disaster relief organization of your choice.

It’s a lot more useful than simply wringing your hands at the futility of it all, or changing your avatar to show “support,” or tweeting about how sad it all is.

Prayers and all are great, but what people really need is money and help to begin rebuilding their lives. Since I can’t get to Texas to help physically, the least I can do is something useful, and that’s donate to a reputable organization that will get in there and help.

For me, I’ve been slow this year and read 42 books. Well under my usual average, but it’s been a crappy year. Still, I rounded up and will be making a $50 donation to the Red Cross.

I challenge you to do the same. Every little bit helps. I know many of you are avid readers who probably put away a substantial number of books every year. If we all bond together and donate, think of the difference we could make. Even if you’ve only read three books this year, $3 is still worth more than an empty tweet or avatar change.

Harvey challenge

The Reading List

Rituals, by Kelley Armstrong. This is the fifth book in Armstrong’s Cainsville series, which is a supernatural mystery/detective/thriller/romance hybrid. I’ve enjoyed the series so far, so hopefully it continues with this book.

Untamed, by Nora Roberts. This is an older book by Roberts which has somehow escaped me. It’s likely to be your typical, short, Roberts romance, but since the setting is the circus, I thought it sounded more interesting than some.

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