Weekly News Update & Reading List 09/15/17 – Duology Edition

Weekly News Update & Reading List Duology Edition

Confession: I haven’t been working on the 4th book in the Threads of the Moirae series as much as I should be. *Bad author. Bad!* But… I found myself immersed in something else. I was having trouble with book four and decided to take a break and try something different.

I’ve always wanted to write a story from a man’s perspective, so I started fiddling with this (what I thought would be) short story idea. Just something to get me through until book 4 started to jell.

And then it became a book. Then I realized that there was another story that needed to be tied to it. So now I have the rough draft of a new duology on my hard drive. The two books are set during different time periods, but they are both told from the male perspective. And the two guys are related, though distantly. I actually thought the second book might be told from the female perspective, but it turned out that it was really his story, not hers.

Both books need a lot of cleaning up, and I have no idea whether my publisher (or any publisher, for that matter) will want them. But it was still fun to do. There’s romance, magic, and a bit of sadness in both. The endings aren’t your traditional happily ever after, but they’re a bit more realistic, I think. The best outcome happens given the circumstances, even if it’s not totally happy for everyone.

The Reading List

Reading has slowed way down of late. Too much writing! (Gee, that’s nice to say.) But two new books came in this week and I’m really excited about at least one of them.

Secrets in Death, by J.D. Robb. This is the latest in Robb’s (AKA Nora Roberts) “In Death” series featuring Eve Dallas. Usually I tire of long series’ well before they reach their end. (I crapped out on Evanovich’s number mysteries around #16, and fell out of love with Sue Grafton’s alphabet series somewhere around “M.”) But this is the 45th book in this series and I still look forward to them. Probably because of hunky Roarke…

Writer’s Market 2018, by Robert Lee Brewer. Yes, it’s time for some professional upkeep. I always look at this book every year to see if it offers any new advice or if there are agents/publishers that might be good fits for my current work. Great reference book, even if you can find most of the information online. (Note: If you use Writer’s Market, always verify the information and contact details online as they sometimes change after publication.)

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