Hunted Fate is Coming, Just Not Today

Hunted Fate Delay

There’s a bit of bummer news from my publisher today. Today was supposed to be the release date for the paperback edition of Hunted Fate. However, there was a mistake during the printing/distribution process which means the release has to be pushed back. Basically, the mistake means the books failed to make it to the distributor on time and thus they didn’t get shipped to retailers on time, either. Like I said, bummer.

The paperback will now release on Halloween, 10/31. It’s only a short delay, just two weeks. If you have a preorder, just sit tight. They will ship as soon as they hit the retailer’s warehouses.

Even though this was totally out of my control, I’m still sorry.

I know that many of you were looking forward to this book and to have to wait is frustrating.

But rest assured it is coming! Just not today, unfortunately. Soon, though!

Hunted Fate


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