Weekly News Update & Reading List 11/03/17 – Paperback Writer Edition

Weekly News Update & Reading List 11/03/17 - Paperback Writer Edition

The big news this week is that Hunted Fate is finally available in paperback. After an unexpected delay, you can finally get your hands on the physical book! Huzzah!

The other news is that Nanowrimo is underway. Everyone (including me) is still filled with optimism at this point, so let’s all make headway before the seas turn stormy. I’ll be using much of the time to finish and edit my next book. If time allows, I might turn my attention to either Book 4 of the Fate series, or the second book in this new duology. We’ll see. (I still haven’t found my new coffee-shop bolthole, so I’m getting desperate for an escape room.)

Hunted Fate Paperbacks

The Reading List

Turtles All the Way Down, by John Green. I must be the only person on the planet who wasn’t enamored with The Fault in Our Stars, Green’s big breakout book and movie. It was okay, but it felt too schmaltzy for me. But I’m giving this book a try because the main character suffers from OCD, something Green battles in his personal life and as someone living with anxiety, something with which I can relate.

From a Certain Point of View (Star Wars), by Various Authors. This book is really fun if you’re a Star Wars geek. It basically tells the story of Star Wars from the perspectives of the minor characters. The barkeep at the Cantina, the Stormtrooper who stunned Leia, the red droid from the sandcrawler who blew a gasket… All of these have their own story that was happening at the time the main characters were moving through their universe. Some of them helped the main characters along, others were so wrapped up in their own problems they barely noticed the heroes among them. Written by some of the leading names in fantasy and science fiction, these little vignettes are a ton of fun.


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