What I’m Up To This Week: 02/09/18

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I used to call these weekly posts News Updates and Reading Lists. I’d showcase any news and what books I was reading that week. And then I stopped doing them, largely because I realized they were too limiting. I don’t have news every week, and I don’t read something new every single week, either. (Sacrilege, I know, but life happens.)

But… I do other things every week. I learn new recipes, build stuff with Lego, play board games and do other fun stuff. So I thought I’d start making a weekly post of “happenings.” If there’s news, great. But if not, I’m still up to other things. Granted, nobody may care, but if you’re at all interested in how I spend my time or things I might recommend, these posts are for you. Enjoy!

Here’s what I’m up to this week:

Contract Signing!

The first big thing this week is that I’ve signed and returned contracts for a new book series! I’ll be sharing more soon, once the deal is officially done. (Always best not to jinx anything until it’s all green lit.) My lucky Marvin the Martian pen got to make another appearance. He’s not been seen since 2015, when I signed my last contract for the Threads of the Moirae.

Marvin Pen


Reading List

I’m finally finding some time to read again after the hectic holiday season and the push to finish my newest book. Which is a good thing, because some highly anticipated books are rolling into the library.

Dark in Death, by JD Robb. This is the 46th(!) book in the In Death series. I have yet to tire of the adventures of detective Eve Dallas and her husband Roarke.

Still Me, by JoJo Moyes. This is the third book in the Me Before You series. I came to this series late (after watching the movie based on the first novel), but I enjoy Lousia’s attempts to find love and piece her life together after the death of Will Traynor.

Reading List 2/9/18


On the Gaming Table

This week is seeing lot of plays of some newly released games including Stuffed Fables (my goodness, this one is adorable), Seikatsu (a gorgeous abstract game), Rajas of the Ganges (worker placement with dice!), and Legacy of Dragonholt. Legacy is not a board game in the traditional sense. There’s no board! Instead it’s more of an RPG, but one which does not require a dungeon master.

It’s getting a lot of attention because of its portrayal of strong female characters, and characters drawn from the LBGTQ community. Of course, not all of the attention is positive because some members of the gaming community are, sadly, bigots and misogynists who are upset that women  have broken into their “boy’s club.”

Suffice it to say, I can’t wait to review it.



Lego Building

It’s the Lego Friends Treehouse/Adventure Camp that was released a couple of years ago. Yep. I’m just getting around to building it now. I have a huge backlog of sets I need to work through, but I can’t seem to stop acquiring more. Hmmm.

Lego Treehouse


Review of the Week

Over on iSlaytheDragon, I’m reviewing Photosynthesis, a gorgeous abstract game about putting your trees in the sun while keeping your opponents in the shade.


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