New Book: The Library of Absolution is Coming!

New Book

You may remember me posting a couple of weeks about signing a contract for a new book series. At the time, I couldn’t say more than that. Well, finally I can tell you the details. 

The new book will be titled The Library of Absolution and  it will be published by Crimson Tree Publishing in December 2018. It is an adult/new adult fantasy, which is a departure from my prior YA fare. (Although not that far. Other than a little more descriptive sex the book is not that adult. Mature teens would have no trouble reading it.)

The series was originally planned as a duology, but as I’ve gotten further into drafting the next book, I realize that it is at least a trilogy, if not a quartet. And there may be more beyond that. This series takes place in a very big world and across a large span of time. There’s a lot to work with, so I’m super excited.

Fans of the Threads of the Moirae series, do not despair! You will get your fourth book. My slight off-road adventure into this series doesn’t mean that I’ve abandoned Atropos and Alex. I just needed a little break and to try something new. I’m still working on it.

Below is a quick and dirty synopsis of the new book. I’m not a master blurb writer, so it’s possibly lacking in some areas, but the idea is there. More information will be forthcoming including cover reveals and all that fun stuff! Stay tuned.

Alarick Brandon is a powerful, bitter wizard who operates a refuge for magical people fleeing the Ministry, an organization dedicated to eliminating magic from the world.  

While Alarick is willing to offer shelter, operating the Keep is a job thrust upon him by his predecessor and mentor; a job he neither sought nor wanted. Alarick honors his commitment but avoids messy personal entanglements. Events in his past make it impossible for him to trust and love.

When Elissa Stone arrives at the Keep after the Ministry destroys her village, she challenges Alarick’s carefully constructed defenses. Elissa is a Book Mesmer with the power to enchant books so they cannot be read or destroyed by the Ministry. While Alarick does not see the value in such magic (what good is it if it cannot be used in a fight, after all), she gradually convinces him that the preservation of magical knowledge is necessary.

Even if the Ministry succeeds in eliminating magic from the world, there may come a day when their regime will fall. If any magical people survive the purge, they will need the knowledge of others to re-learn the old ways and restore magic to the world. That is what Elissa fights for.

When Elissa loses her sight at the hands of the Ministry, Alarick realizes that he cannot allow her to also lose her love of reading and her abilities as a Book Mesmer. Defying his own edict not to get involved with others, he creates a plan to help her regain her independence and be her eyes when she needs him.

Slowly they save each other, showing each other that life in the world may be scary, but also worthwhile. Together they build and protect libraries throughout Europe, creating a massive store of magical knowledge. But life in times of persecution is rarely idyllic and the Ministry won’t rest until all magic is eradicated. An untimely betrayal may cost them everything and they must answer the question: How much are they willing to sacrifice to secure a magical legacy for future generations?

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2 thoughts on “New Book: The Library of Absolution is Coming!

  1. mirkabreen

    Love old world libraries!
    Congratulations, Jennifer. (And I think you meant that it would publish in December 2018, not 2017.)


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