Release Day for The Library of Absolution (And a Contest)!

release day

Whoop! Today is the release day for the first book in my new Legacy of the Book Mesmer series. (Sort of. More on that in a second.)

You can find more information about The Library of Absolution on its page, plus you can read the first chapter for free!

I’m super excited about this series because 1) It’s my first foray into books for adults rather than teens, and 2) It was the most fun I’ve had writing in a long time.

Now, about that “sort of” release. Both the ebook and paperback were planned to be released today. However, owing to some unfortunate complications at the printer, the paperback didn’t get finished in time to be shipped to retailers for today. Amazon currently lists the paperback as January 17th, but I’m told it could actually be earlier than that.

But the ebook is out today at all the major retailers, so there’s that. Stay tuned.

When the paperback comes out, I’m going to do some more giveaways, but to get you started, here’s one sponsored by my publisher, Crimson Tree Publishing!

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2 thoughts on “Release Day for The Library of Absolution (And a Contest)!

  1. Dana

    So this is the first new book series I’ve seen in a while that really is getting me excited to read it! One problem… It kills me inside to start series that aren’t finished since I read a metric shit tonne of books. I know you literally just released the first book, but do you have any idea how many will be in the series and on what time frame they will come out.

    1. Jennifer Derrick Post author

      Right now, the plan is for 4 books in the series. I’m just finishing up book 2, and based on past experience w/my publisher, the ebook will be out 3-4 months after I turn it in. (I’m aiming for turning it in at the end of January. It would have been sooner, but it’s been a banner year for “life” getting in the way of, well, pretty much everything.) Anyway, the good news is that I’ve sort of been writing 2 and 3 concurrently, so I have quite a bit of 3 already drafted, as well. So I expect minimal time between 2 and 3. (Again, as long as life leaves me alone.) Book 4 is too far in the future for me to predict exactly, but I may end up writing some of 4 as I finish up three, again, saving a little time.

      Thank you for your excitement over the books. I do hope you really enjoy them. Know that I’m doing my best to write as fast as I can!


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