Blog on Hiatus While I Deal With Hosting Issues


Just a short note to let you know why the blog is on hiatus for a little while. I never thought it would happen, but my traffic here has outstripped my basic hosting plan. While awesome because it means a lot of you are stopping by and reading my stuff, it also means it’s time to either get a new web hosting package, new provider, or both.

I’ve been unhappy with my current host for a while. I’m not going to publicly name names, but support is non-existent and functionality is intermittent. So… I’m looking for a new host and a new package.

This means that while I compare options and get everything migrated to a new host, I won’t be posting new content. Partly because the search is sucking up my time, partly because I don’t want to create anything new that I might lose in the migration, and partly because it’s summer and I deserve at least a half-assed version of a vacation.

I’ll be back once my hosting issues are sorted out, and I hope to return with a more reliable website.

Thanks for tuning in often enough to cause this problem! It’s really a good problem to have, so I’m not at all unhappy about this. I did want to let you know, though, why things will be dark for a few weeks and that I’ll be back!

(Photo courtesy of geralt)

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