A Few Good and Beautiful Things

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Good and Beautiful Things

The world is a cesspool. Yep, I said it. There seems to be no end to the crap that’s going down everywhere you look. Just when you think it can’t possibly, possibly get any worse… some new crap storm erupts. Every single day it seems like the world hits a new low. And I think that’s true no matter which side of the political spectrum you’re on. It’s ugly out there, and getting uglier. Everything feels hopeless, and I feel helpless a lot of the time. It’s a toxic mix and it feels like there are no good and beautiful things in the world.


To keep myself from spiraling into a pit of despair and digging a hole in which to live out the remaining years of my life, I’m forcing myself to find some good in every day. Even if it seems stupid, silly, or pointless in the grand scheme of things, I’m looking for whatever small amount of decency and beauty I can find.

I thought I’d share a few of the things I’ve found over the last few weeks, in the hopes that maybe some of you can find a little extra beauty in your every day. No doubt your list will be different from mine, based on where you live and what you consider “good and beautiful things,” but maybe it’s a starting point.

  • My dog. Her love and trust in me are absolute, no matter what other crap the world is throwing down.
  • The first hit of cool fall air after a muggy summer.
  • My azalea that’s supposed to bloom twice per year actually doing it for the first time in ten years!
  • Putting out Halloween decorations.
  • A good book, with an engrossing story, riveting information, or a compelling argument.
  • A full moon.
  • An outdoor walk where I focus less on the exercise/music and more on the trees, plants, birds, etc. and really listen to the world around me.
  • The new bird call I heard, even though I never saw the bird.
  • Serendipitously discovering a new favorite book, show, or movie.
  • Looking at the amazing things people make/paint/write on Instagram, Etsy, blogs, Pinterest and the like.
  • A small bite of chocolate. (A whole bar is too much for me; the enjoyment fades fast.)
  • A soda. I’ve severely limited my intake during the pandemic, partly for health reasons and partly because finding the flavors I like has been difficult. I ration what I have and it’s all the sweeter for it.
  • The bittersweet joy of seeing the hummingbirds here one day and finding them gone the next, off to adventures in the southern hemisphere.
  • Bringing out the blankets, fuzzy PJ’s, and cozy items for the long winter nights.
  • The first cup of hot chocolate.
  • Finding and making a recipe that turns out to be a new favorite.
  • The herd of deer I see most nights while walking the dog.
  • Hoot owls having a conversation in the trees in the backyard.
  • Trying/learning something new, even if it’s just a tiny DIY project or a little bite of a foreign language.

All this to say, just try to find some joy and beauty in the world right now. It’s out there, even if it seems like it’s buried under ten tons of garbage. Please share your good and beautiful things in the comments, if you’re so inclined. I think we’d all like to see them.

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