Broken Fate

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Atropos’ job description is simple: Kill all the humans. She’s the third Fate of Greek mythology and it’s her job to snip the humans’ lifelines when their mortal lives are over. It’s a crummy job made worse by self-imposed isolation. Her number one rule is to avoid any relationships with the humans because caring for people she has to kill is the fast track to insanity.

Which is why she can’t understand falling for Alex Morgan. He’s the worst kind of human for her to like: One with a rapidly approaching expiration date. Her willingness to break her own rule makes no sense until she learns that their feelings for each other are the result of an illegal act of fate committed by her sister, Lachesis, as revenge for a long ago incident. Now Atropos has to ask: Is the relationship so tainted that it’s worthless, or should she stay with Alex, knowing that the emotional pain she tries so hard to avoid waits at the end? Neither choice is a winner.

Navigating this emotional quagmire would be enough for any goddess to deal with, but Atropos has another problem. The Keres, Atropos’ rivals in the business of death, want to claim her power and pervert it to meet their own need for bloodshed. It’s not coincidence that Alex has come into Atropos’ life just as the Keres are seeking to renew hostilities. He may be just the distraction they need to get past Atropos’ defenses, steal her shears and, with them, her power.

As Alex moves inexorably toward death, Atropos must come to terms with her role as his killer and protect herself and humanity from the Keres. And she’ll do it alone because her father, Zeus, refuses to interfere, having decided that neither humanity nor Atropos are worth saving.


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The characters are phenomenally well written and the story-line is incredible and magical.

– Jenny Bynum, Black Words – White Pages

There are books you love, then there are works of art like Broken Fate… Each and every character has been flawlessly written, and has layers upon layers of emotion, I feel like it should be impossible to be as emotionally attached as I became to Broken Fate.

– Doris Orman, Dowie’s Place

I love reading new stories about tales you think you know everything about. This one was no different, finding out a new story about the goddesses, The Fates. Once I started the book, I could not put it down and was laughing and crying through the entire story.

– Coral Mitchell, Goodreads Reviewer

Jennifer Derrick definitely knows how to write characters vibrantly and extremely well. The characters that we are meant to love, I loved.. The characters that we are meant to hate, I despised.

– Gabrielle, Goodreads Reviewer


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