The Music of Broken Fate

If you have (or want) a Spotify account, you can go right to the playlist or listen with the widget below. Otherwise, I’ve listed the songs here with Amazon links where possible.



The characters in Broken Fate enjoy an eclectic mix of music (not unlike their creator). The gods and goddesses have lived a long time and listened to everything from the classics to current popular hits. Their tastes tend to reside somewhere in-between. While these songs are favorites of my characters, most of them are personal favorites, as well. I like to think that my characters mark the moments of their lives with music, just as I do.

  • “Summa For Choir” The version that Atropos listens to in her workroom is performed by Jauna Muzika Choir and Vaclovas Augustinas, and is found on the album, The 99 Most Essential Choral Masterpieces.
  • “Nessun Dorma,” from Turandot, Act 3. The version that Atropos listens to is performed by Luciano Pavarotti, London Philharmonic Orchestra, John Alldis Choir and Zubin Mehta, and is found on the album, The 99 Most Essential Opera Classics.
  • Rod Stewart: Atropos blasts some vintage Rod Stewart in her car quite often. Among her favorite tracks are: Maggie May, Stay With Me, Sailing, Do Ya Think I’m Sexy, Young Turks, Love Touch, Here to Eternity, and Ten Days of Rain. Her favorite album of his, though, is Every Beat of My Heart.”
  • Native American Flute Music. Atropos has a large playlist of this type of music to relax her. While I can’t recount every tune here, some of her favorite albums are: Canyon Trilogy, by R. Carlos Nakai, Heart of the Wind: Music For Native American Flute & Drums, by Robert Tree Cody, and Sacred Fire: Meditation Songs for Native American Flute, by Kelvin Mockingbird.
  • Classic Rock. Atropos is not generally a pop-music loving kind of girl. Her life isn’t suited to sweet bubble-gum tunes. If she’s not listening to classical, she enjoys The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith,  Queen, The Beatles, The Eagles, Boston, Journey, Fleetwood Mac, U2, Elton John, and a little-known group named Honeymoon Suite.
  • Big Band/Swing Music: This is Chloe’s genre of choice, probably because she really enjoyed the 1930’s and 40’s. She got to create a lot of lives during that period, to replace the ones that were lost to war. (Atropos, of course, hated the same time period for the opposite reason). Some popular artists from the period include: Glen Miller, Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey, Cab Calloway, and Louis Armstrong.

Writing Music

I listen to music while I write. I just cannot function in complete silence. What I listen to on any given day is determined by what I’m working on, but I prefer a mix of classical, soundtracks, and a little popular music. Broken Fate has a lot of darkness and as a result I found myself listening to a lot of serious, almost depressing music. There was some happier stuff thrown in, as well, because otherwise I’d have gone insane.

Here are some of the songs and pieces I listened to while writing the book.


(Photo courtesy of jdurham)