The Origin of the Series’ Subtitle

When I started writing Broken Fate, I knew that it would be the first in a series, but I didn’t give much thought to a title for the series. It had to be published before that even became something to worry about. Files that live only on your computer don’t need subtitles, after all. But now that the book is being published and Clean Teen Publishing is interested in the rest of the series, well, it needed a title.

So what is it? Threads of the Moirae. What you’ll see on listing pages and the cover is, “Broken Fate: Threads of the Moirae Book 1.”

Although the series is primarily Atropos’ tale, I felt like it was also a story of Fate, generally, and how the many different threads of our lives intersect over time. The Fates spin and manage our lifelines, but they also have their own lives to manage, as well, and that’s not always easy. Their concerns aren’t that different from ours, except that they have an immortal lifetime to figure stuff out (and to live with the regrets of their choices).  They have their own relationships to manage. Friends, lovers, enemies… Their lives are no less filled with threads than those of humans. As the Death Fate, Atropos is more aware of that than the others and she struggles to keep all those threads from tangling up and tripping her.


(Photo courtesy of svklimkin)