Just for Fun

Just for fun

Many of my interests beyond writing involve some sort of fun and play (and toys). Board games, Lego, puzzles, video games, movies, fan-fiction, TV, graphic novels and, of course, reading.

When I decided that my author website would no longer feature strictly writing-related elements, I opened the door to posting and collecting more of my offbeat interests. As a result, the Just for Fun page was born.

If this sort of thing floats your boat, come back often. If you think that grown ups who still play with toys are weird, then you might want to look away. It’s a work in progress, so things will be added all the time as I have time to really grow this section of the site.

Lego Author’s Life

A collection of images of Lego Me and my characters living our crazy lives.

Board game folly

Board Game Follies

A collection of (hopefully) amusing comics I make using board game components.