I have a small Lego addiction. It’s led me to create models of myself and my characters and let them live vicarious lives of their own. Here are the adventures of Lego Me and my characters.

I’ve moved into Dr. Strange’s place and will be writing from here from now on!

Lego Garbage Guy

“Are you hiring?”

Garbage Guy: “Why?”

Me: “I’m a writer. I need money.”

Garbage Guy: “I thought writers were rich!”

Me: “Hahahahahaha.

Lego Ice Palace

Oh, man. Can we move into this palace for the summer? It’s got a slide! And snowpeople.

Lego Hot Dog

Atropos: I’m glad we came here for lunch. Gets us out of the house for a while.

Me: Yeah and I can people watch. Get some story fodder.

Atropos: What do you see?

Me: Oh, dorky Hot Dog Guy is totally checking you out. Ooohhhh. I see a new love interest for you, Atropos!

Atropos: Noooooo!

Lego Atropos 4

With Book 3 safely in the hands of my publisher, I attempt to speed off for a little vacation. Atropos, however, refuses to be left behind. “But what if I have story ideas?” she cries. “You can’t leave me!” “Unless you want the next plot line to be ‘The Murder of Atropos,’ you’ll get off this boat!” I scream over the wind and waves.

Lego Atropos 3

“Okay, you got me up. Let’s hear these great story ideas. I’m ready to write.”

Atropos: “No. Sleeping. Zzzzz.”

Me: “I can kill you, you know.”

Lego Atropos 1

Atropos says, “I’ve got some great story ideas. Let’s go write!”

“It’s one in the morning and I’m tired. Where were you eight hours ago?” I ask.

Lego Atropos 2

Say hello to Lego Jennifer and Lego Atropos. (For those who don’t know, Atropos is the main character from my current YA series.) She stands behind me, brandishing her sword and shears, telling me what to write. And she can be annoying.